What I am up to: Dec 2021.

PhD applications done. Physics degree done (done last year). First paper waiting to be published. What now?

Benji(left), Sunny(right)

As a physics undergraduate at U of Miami, with all classes completed and PhD applications done, what is there to do?

The semester is proudly completed with a publication and all A’s in my courses! Here is how is it going so far:

  1. I lied a bit – while main block of applications are due on Dec 15, there are a bunch due in January, that is still ongoing.

  2. Our work on Heisenberg chain eigenstate preparation on quantum computers is nearing its end, expect a preprint soon! We have some exciting and some not-so-exciting results.

  3. As no formal CMT class is offered at UM, I am taking advantage of the extra free time to complete the Oxford Solid State Basics Course. Planning to create a section on cool derivations and their history on this page!

    1. Also, fingers crossed, the goal is to finish the degree strong with a work on crystals! This study serves as a basis for it.
  4. Some much needed rest time. With the last 3 and a half years, focused on finishing two STEM majors in 3 years and having at least one publication, it has been a long ride.

  5. This website! It had been a looming goal on my mind to compile my work, CV and thoughts into one compact object, and with the extra time I am getting my hands dirty with this project.

  6. Have to take care of these boys:

Mert Okyay
Mert Okyay
Graduate Student in Physics

My research interests range from cosmology to quantum computing theory - lately I am focusing on learning condensed matter physics, with an interest on magnetism and dynamic oscillators.