Study of nonlinear electrodynamics: a blend of obscure models and extensive use of numerics

What’s with these black holes?

The summer of 2021 was dominated mainly by high inflation and constant changes in public health policy due to COVID-19 in Turkey. What kept me sane was my summer program work with Dr Ovgun and studying for the Physics GRE. Some might argue that standardized tests actually serve one otherwise but it was only a week of study, so I wouldn’t worry.

Our project on nonlinear electrodynamics was an extensive procedure of finding and deciding if results are interesting or not. The first issue was deciding what model we wanted to study. A suggestion was a recent model suggested by a collaborator of my advisor. Aside from being just another E&M model that attacks the issue of infinite self-energy, why study this Lagrangian?

Mert Okyay
Mert Okyay
Graduate Student in Physics

My research interests range from cosmology to quantum computing theory - lately I am focusing on learning condensed matter physics, with an interest on magnetism and dynamic oscillators.